Anne-Marie Piazza

Actor / Writer / Musician


Still in it’s concept stages, “Mam” seeks to tell the untold stories of the Women of Wales, a community co-writers Claire Erasmus and Anne-Marie Piazza are very much a part of.  Through verbatim text, storytelling and song Erasmus and Piazza will explore the lives that go unspoken.

The first song from “Mam” was written for the opening night of Adam Lenson’s fortnightly new musical online showcase Signal. “Dw i Eisiau Siarad Cymru” first aired March 26th 2020 and explores how, until recent years, Welsh was thought to be dying out and being erased from daily life. Though now it is making a return to the schools and streets, there are some that were denied it. “Dw i Eisiau Cymru” translates as I need to speak Welsh and asks if you are forbidden from speaking in your own native language, can you ever speak with truth.