Anne-Marie Piazza

Trained at The Bristol Old Theatre School

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Updates – New Voicereel

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you’ll see the website is getting a spruce. Quite a few things are actually – new showreel, a musician’s showreel and (drum roll please) a new voicereel too.  Recorded with my wonderful agent Damn Good Voices you’ll find a range on my soundcloud (including the MegaMix of all the new clips) but here are a few of my favourites.

Race for Life


Welcome to Wales






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This summer I spent a day with writer/director/actor Mark Knightley and theatre company This Crowded Room.

2030 is a commission by Collusion to create an installation that explores technology and the year 2030. The installation will be presented alongside four other artists in Cambridge 2019.

Through collaboration with researchers, technology developers, and young people both local to Cambridge and from across the globe, we will create an immersive, interactive installation, set in 2030. This will explore the exciting possibilities and potential impacts of AI as this reaches a mass market.

​With the advent of AI, one of the greatest challenges that humanity faces is how to harness its power to benefit the whole of society. This project is an empathic response to the U.N.’s appeal to “leave no-one behind” enshrined in the Sustainability Development Goals 2015-2030.

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The Virgin and the Gypsy

January 2018 saw a flurry of rehearsal and development projects including this on with the Romany Theatre Company.  Founded in 2002 by director and writer Dan Allum their work is: rooted in the culture and experiences of Romany people and focuses strongly on their struggle for equality and challenges negative opinions of them and the lives that they lead.  Dan is writing an adaptation of DH Lawrence’s novella The Virgin and the Gypsy with music by Candida Caldicot.

January 2018 we rehearsed in Ipswich and performed excerpts at the New Wolsey and the St Andrews Church, Short St, London.

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Wicker Husband (Other Palace)

Rhys Jennings and Darren Clark won the MTI Mentorship Award from Stiles and Drew which meant a years mentoring culminating in a showcase at the end of the year directed by Charlie Westenra.  It has been on a long journey already and will now be going over to New York having been selected as 1 of just 8 shows by the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s showcase this fall. Here’s what we did with it in 2017 at the Other Palace Showcase:

WestEndWilma gives a great synopsis:

The Wicker Husband is based on the short story by Ursula Wills-Jones. It tells the tale of a woman known as Ugly Girl. A local town fish seller who  is told she will never have a husband because she is too ugly. A chance encounter with an Old Basket Maker reveals the chance to have a husband made for her out of Wicker. But when the local women of the town meet the handsome new husband they are overcome with jealousy and hatch a plan to destroy Ugly Girls relationship and her happiness.

And also thoroughly enjoyed it:

It’s an interesting story and one that doesn’t drag. The climax of act one leaves the audience begging for more, wanting to find out what happens next and the songs are well written. With a cast of well established and award winning actors including Tyrone Huntley, Rebecca Trehearn and Clive Rowe, The Wicker Husband has a lot of support behind it to help the show take its next steps towards a full scale production.

A review from the

This showcase was a delightful sneak peek into the beginning of The Wicker Husband’s journey.  The show has been through a full year of developmental support including a writing retreat and two panel-led progress labs. The presentation, directed by Charlotte Westenra, demonstrated the progress of that work; and with only three days of rehearsal behind them, the cast members did an extraordinary job of bringing this tale to life.

It was hard to consider Anne-Maria Piazza as the Ugly Girl as she managed so flawlessly to pull out all the beauty and goodness of her character, not to mention she has a beautiful singing voice that seems to take on any style thrown her way.

Thank you BroadwayWorld for a full company list:

This one-off showing by Darren Clark and Rhys Jennings features a cast including Tyrone Huntley as the Wicker Husband and Olivier Award-winners Rebecca Trehearn (pictured, left; Tailor’s Wife) and Clive Rowe (Old Basket Maker).

The cast is completed by Anne-Marie Piazza (Ugly Girl), Sebastien Torkia (Tailor), Roger Evans (Cobbler), Elexi Walker (Cobbler’s Wife), Loren O’Dair (Innkeeper’s Wife) and Jamal Andréas (Innkeeper). The presentation will be directed by Charlotte Westenra with musical direction by Mark Aspinall.