Anne-Marie Piazza

Actor / Writer / Musician


For “These Trees Are Made of Blood” Southwark Playhouse 2015 & Arcola 2017

“Piazza’s voice, allied with her ability to emote and to be in the present moment, brings tears to my eyes.” (TheatreFullStop)

“I was completely mesmerized by Anne Marie Piazza’s voice and musical capabilities…a voice like melting honey.” (Whazzup London)

For Iris Theatre Treasure Island” and “Much Ado About Nothing” 2016

“Anne-Marie is a spirited, passionate Beatrice, and a comically eager-to-please Verges. She also has a soaring soprano voice that echoes around the church.” (The Stage)

“Her Beatrice is top notch. Funny, bike riding, accordion playing… is there nothing the woman cannot do?”(WhatsOnStage)

“Piazza is an absolute delight as Beatrice, opting to play her with energy and charm rather than sarcastic and straight-faced. Her wit is infectious, and she is a wonder to watch.” (Cub Magazine)

“Stealing the show, however, is Anne-Marie Piazza as Isabella Hands…she is a deadly as she is swaggering…turning this femme fatale into a lavish and unforgettable adversary.” (Grumpy Gay Critic)

“Twelfth Night” 2015

“Anne-Marie Piazza’s delicious Maria, is the best I’ve seen performed” (Once A Week Theatre)

“Richard III” &”Alice through the Looking Glass” 2014

“The star of the show is the unstoppable whirlwind of energy that is Anne-Marie Piazza. Piazza’s comic timing and boggle-eyed craziness reach climax in her role as the Red Queen.. .she has the purest clear-as-a-bell soprano that is worth the ticket price alone. (Postscript Journal)

“Special mention should also be made to Anne-Marie Piazza, whose fiery Lady Anne was a real surprise not least of all because of her deft and believable handling of Anne’s notoriously tricky change of heart towards Richard.”  (Broadway Baby)

“Lady Anne is played with fire by Anne-Marie Piazza” (What’s On Stage)

For “Beauty and the Beast” directed by Paul Chamberlain at The Haymarket Theatre in Basingstoke:

“The very beautiful – and extremely talented, judging by her dual performance here – Anne Marie Piazza is our leading lady. When she is singing, Anne-Marie proves she has a stunning voice to match the rest of her accomplishments!” (Basingstoke Gazette)

“But it is Beauty, the delightful Anne-Marie Piazza who gives a sincere and captivating performance” (British Theatre Guide)

For “What Every Woman Knows” directed by Louise Hill at London’s Finborough Theatre:

“Anne-Marie Piazza’s Lady Sybil…keeps her charming tresses under control and her thoughts in similar order.” (Financial Times)



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