Anne-Marie Piazza

Actor / Writer / Musician

A Scarborough Christmas Carol

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“Four superb actor-musicians, Joey Hickman, Anne-Marie Piazza, Elliott Rennie and Alicia Mckenzie, create a galaxy of screwball characters, tumbling and busking in the round and spellbinding the audience. They end up engaging everybody in the house in a huge snow ball fight and create an atmosphere of mirth and cheer.” (The Stage)

“Elliott Rennie, such a hit in Pinocchio last Christmas, now plays dogsbody Pod; Alicia McKenzie is chambermaid Clara Winks and Anne-Marie Piazza, the cook, Mrs Grubb. All manner of roles come their way, from Rennie’s Marley to the Cratchits and assorted Ghosts of Christmas, and the playing from start to finish is gloriously inventive, funny and multi-skilled.

York Press:

Two scenes work especially well, the first requiring an increasingly exasperated Piazza to play all the family around the Cratchit Christmas table, moving ever faster among puppets improvised from kitchen utensils as she argues with herself in a whirl of wool.” (York Press)

Four actors – Joey Hickman, Alicia Mckenzie, Anne-Marie Piazza and Elliott Rennie – play the members of the household and all the characters from Tiny Tim to the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Their versatility – they sing and play musical instruments – is jaw dropping. This results in some hilarious scenes – particularly the Cratchits’ Christmas dinner when the four have to fill the stage with at least 12 characters. The music by Slater is first rate and putting Scarborough in the title is not merely a way of selling it to the locals. This is Scarborough to its core. Street names, Christmas traditions, local rivalries and its rich and famous are all in there.” (Yorkshire Post) (The Scarborough News)

“Musically another outstanding feature is the instrumental support of the four cast members, constantly switching between trombone, flute, accordion, double bass, cello, banjo, guitar and ukulele. Helen Coyston’s designs add to the general merriment.” (Reviews Hub)

Perhaps the most remarkable demand falls on Anne-Marie Piazza who, as the Cratchits sit down for a meal, plays Mrs Cratchit and the entire squabbling family. This bravura performance drew spontaneous, but isolated, applause from me.(Musical Theatre Review)




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