Anne-Marie Piazza

Actor / Writer / Musician

Beam 2018

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This year Beam took place at the Stratford East Theatre March 1st-2nd and was a showcase of some of the most talented new musical writers, composers, directors and performers. It was a joy and a privilege to take part in it and I was so fortunate to see some incredible new work and new talent.

Rebecca Applin and Pete Ashmore wrote “On This Day”, a piece about the relentless attack of the 24-hour news cycle and it was written to examine innovative ways of utilising actor-musicians. Adam Lenson directed a cast of 4 actor musicians which include Pete, Joey Hickman, Josie Dunn and myself.  Feedback was very positive and the hope now is that it will find a collaborator to give if some weeks R&D exploration before a full run in the future.




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