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Pinocchio reivews

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Christmas 2016 was spent with the lovely theatrical family that is the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. Here are some of the reviews for our fantastic 4 actor-muso Pinocchio written by Nick Lane, Music by Simon Slater, Chorography by Erin Carter and, the all important director was Paul Robinson.

“A show that’s bright, lively, inventive, surprising and above all jolly good fun for children and adults alike…To say that the cast of four – well done Joseph Hardy, Elliott Rennie, Perola Congo and Anne-Marie Piazza – are hard-working is an understatement as they swap stories and characters with hardly a pause for breath.” (The Northern Echo)

“The show is musical, colourful, witty and fun – with a touch of darkness (the characters do get eaten by a monster fish). The four actors play all the characters – ranging from a pirate-like showman to weasels in Christmas jumpers. They also play musical instruments – guitars, cello, trumpet and accordians. The cast are all multi-talented and likeable. Joseph Hardy plays Pinocchio as a spoiled brat and highlights are Anne-Marie Piazza’s farmer and pirate, Elliott Rennie’s Yorkshire fairy and his and Perola Congo’s Elvis-like weasels.” (Scarborough News)

“No word of a lie, Pinocchio will be the best choice of children’s theatre you could make this Christmas….The actor-musicians play 30 characters between them, as well as displaying adroit puppetry skills. Fantastically multi-talented, and funny too, what discoveries they are for the SJT audience to enjoy.” (York Press)

And I wouldn’t normally include a whole paragraph but this was such a lovely write up I had to include it:

“They could not have been a better choice of cast then Perola Congo, Joseph Hardy, Anne Marie Piazza, and Elliott Rennie.  Since they’re arrival in Scarborough, this gorgeous Quartet have become involved in the town’s life, Singing in the Brunswick and supporting events, building up an easy rapport with the locals, and hi-fiving the youngsters. The obvious gelling between them is reflected in the magnificent performances that have of echoes of Commedia dell’arte, touring circuses of yesteryear and strolling storytelling bands.  They are all accomplished musicians and dancers as well as actors, flowing between over 30 different characters with an ease and fluidity that is beautiful to watch.  Anne-Marie has an incredible far-reaching tessitura and Perola is bewitching as she switches through her roles. Elliott’s blue fairy, Jane,t is big beguiling and his Elvis weasel is not going to be easily forgotten. Joseph and Pinocchio has just the right out of mischief, vulnerability and lovable rogue to win over his audience. They are all stars in the very truest sense down to earth but shining sparkly and ever lovely.” (AClockInAThunderstorm)


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