Anne-Marie Piazza

Actor / Writer / Musician

A Well Remembered Voice

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This was revisited in 2016 with a short tour before a run at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Can the dead speak to us? Jack died in the trenches. His mother believes a séance will allow her to communicate with him. His father is sceptical. But it’s to him that a well-remembered voice speaks out of the darkness forcing him to confront his loss and giving him hope.

As we commemorate the Centenary of World War I, IO Theatre Company’s stirring production brings to life J.M. Barrie’s 1-act play not seen on stage since 1918. Performed by actor-musicians, it combines live music and physical theatre, mixing elegiac folk song against militaristic music and the youthful vigour of the playing field. When written in 1918, the play was too controversial for the government censor and Barrie was forced to change it. This new production restores Barrie’s original words and his message about the effects of the war on those left behind.


“As I watched it I thought of the play’s original audience, who may themselves have lost loved ones in the trenches, and thought how they may have been comforted by the play; and this made me find more meaning in it.” (Loiteringinthetheatre)

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