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Songs from “The Wicker Husband”

30th October  2016 I performed at a @Cue_Theatre scratch night of new musicals and introduced a brand new song from forthcoming musical “The Wicker Husband.” The song is called “Have You Seen My Husband” and composer Darren Clark and I had only spent a short while on it before bringing it before this audience. Hence the ipad in hand.. with the lyrics.

We also performed my old favourite “My Wicker Man”

Tuesday 7th February we will be spending a whole day working on the musical (in a lab as part of their mentor ship by Stiles and Drewe) so no doubt I’ll have some updates for you then… in the meantime enjoy these songs


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Macbeth Review

As Amy Draper’s “Macbeth” for the Southwark Playhouse was aimed at and nearly had predominately as its audience, school children, there were very few reviews. In fact only the one from Flossie Waite for Children’s Reviews.

“At first, it’s intimate enough to feel like a living room, telling this story of kings from within the castle walls. But the room seems to change shape – whispering voices echo from its corners, bulbs pulse, and the supernatural takes over, casting the feel of a séance. Eventually, it becomes the claustrophobic confines of a tortured mind as the Macbeths gradually unravel: we can see the whites of Lady Macbeth’s wild eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 19.40.54

The three performers – Anne-Marie Piazza, Martin Donaghy and Stanton Plummer-Cambridge – flit between characters, and you need a good grip of the story to keep up the pace (if you’re studying it, this is probably easy: the lad next to me was thrilled to recite the lines along with the performers). Piazza is standout as Lady Macbeth, disintegrating before us in the sleepwalking scene.

Though this whistle-stop tour takes in the gruesome highlights, we never see any blood – this is primarily a psychological thriller. Still, it feels violent – death is represented with white feathers, and the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff is a thrilling, charged flurry of plumes.

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Pinocchio reivews

Christmas 2016 was spent with the lovely theatrical family that is the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. Here are some of the reviews for our fantastic 4 actor-muso Pinocchio written by Nick Lane, Music by Simon Slater, Chorography by Erin Carter and, the all important director was Paul Robinson.

“A show that’s bright, lively, inventive, surprising and above all jolly good fun for children and adults alike…To say that the cast of four – well done Joseph Hardy, Elliott Rennie, Perola Congo and Anne-Marie Piazza – are hard-working is an understatement as they swap stories and characters with hardly a pause for breath.” (The Northern Echo)

“The show is musical, colourful, witty and fun – with a touch of darkness (the characters do get eaten by a monster fish). The four actors play all the characters – ranging from a pirate-like showman to weasels in Christmas jumpers. They also play musical instruments – guitars, cello, trumpet and accordians. The cast are all multi-talented and likeable. Joseph Hardy plays Pinocchio as a spoiled brat and highlights are Anne-Marie Piazza’s farmer and pirate, Elliott Rennie’s Yorkshire fairy and his and Perola Congo’s Elvis-like weasels.” (Scarborough News)

“No word of a lie, Pinocchio will be the best choice of children’s theatre you could make this Christmas….The actor-musicians play 30 characters between them, as well as displaying adroit puppetry skills. Fantastically multi-talented, and funny too, what discoveries they are for the SJT audience to enjoy.” (York Press)

And I wouldn’t normally include a whole paragraph but this was such a lovely write up I had to include it:

“They could not have been a better choice of cast then Perola Congo, Joseph Hardy, Anne Marie Piazza, and Elliott Rennie.  Since they’re arrival in Scarborough, this gorgeous Quartet have become involved in the town’s life, Singing in the Brunswick and supporting events, building up an easy rapport with the locals, and hi-fiving the youngsters. The obvious gelling between them is reflected in the magnificent performances that have of echoes of Commedia dell’arte, touring circuses of yesteryear and strolling storytelling bands.  They are all accomplished musicians and dancers as well as actors, flowing between over 30 different characters with an ease and fluidity that is beautiful to watch.  Anne-Marie has an incredible far-reaching tessitura and Perola is bewitching as she switches through her roles. Elliott’s blue fairy, Jane,t is big beguiling and his Elvis weasel is not going to be easily forgotten. Joseph and Pinocchio has just the right out of mischief, vulnerability and lovable rogue to win over his audience. They are all stars in the very truest sense down to earth but shining sparkly and ever lovely.” (AClockInAThunderstorm)


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A Well Remembered Voice

This was revisited in 2016 with a short tour before a run at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Can the dead speak to us? Jack died in the trenches. His mother believes a séance will allow her to communicate with him. His father is sceptical. But it’s to him that a well-remembered voice speaks out of the darkness forcing him to confront his loss and giving him hope.

As we commemorate the Centenary of World War I, IO Theatre Company’s stirring production brings to life J.M. Barrie’s 1-act play not seen on stage since 1918. Performed by actor-musicians, it combines live music and physical theatre, mixing elegiac folk song against militaristic music and the youthful vigour of the playing field. When written in 1918, the play was too controversial for the government censor and Barrie was forced to change it. This new production restores Barrie’s original words and his message about the effects of the war on those left behind.


“As I watched it I thought of the play’s original audience, who may themselves have lost loved ones in the trenches, and thought how they may have been comforted by the play; and this made me find more meaning in it.” (Loiteringinthetheatre)

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Treasure Island Reviews

★★★★ “Stealing the show, however, is Anne-Marie Piazza as Isabella Hands. Her fiery Spanish savvy makes her an incredibly engrossing character to watch, but at the same time also on alert to the fact that she is a deadly as she is swaggering. Piazza really puts a sharp and lethal castanet snap of villainy into Isabella, turning this femme fatale into a lavish and unforgettable adversary.” (Grumpy Gay Critic)

“The hot-headed Isabella Hands was a great character and was performed with tremendous energy and passion… No review of an Iris piece would be complete without praising Candida Caldicot’s beautiful musical compositions, performed onstage by the cast, my personal favourite being an extended shanty sung during the voyage by the wonderfully charismatic Anne-Marie Piazza. (Theatre Bubble)

★★★ “The cast is full of solid performances….Anne-Marie Piazza is ferocious as Isabella Hands… It’s a charming production with dark turns that keeps everyone enthralled – perfect for a summer holiday jaunt.”(

★★★★”That’s when the adventure really starts, with a sea voyage full of extremely realistic wind and rain (all hail the British Summer), raucous Spanish sea shanties sung by Isabella Hands (Anne-Marie Piazza)…the real gem is the production and its cast….Regular Iris actors Anne-Marie and Nick never fail to amuse and delight with their buoyant charm and easy humour, plus their ability to play multiple characters with such contrasting characteristics.” (WestEndWilma)

★★★★★ “The performances by all cast members are energetic and engaging. Most of the audience were captivated throughout, and I was often unable to take my eyes off the performers and the action in front of me as well. The characters are brilliant, each with their own individual flair, which is so enjoyable. The performers worked meticulously to get all ages involved, and that definitely didn’t go unnoticed. Everyone was very willing to participate, which made for a very special experience.” (Everything Theatre)

★★★ Rebecca Todd and Anne-Marie Piazza respectively grab the swashbuckling opportunities with gusto….The entire cast plays with piratical flare doubling roles. (The Stage)

★★★”As you would expect from as experienced a company as Iris Theatre, they use the space with great skill, keeping the promenade going as we move with the actors.” (Broadway World)

“The production is wonderfully imaginative in terms of the staging that audiences young and old genuinely feel as though they are swept away to exotic lands…the cast themselves have plenty of energy and really get themselves involved in the variety of roles….Anne-Marie Piazza is wonderfully feisty as the fearsome Isabella Hands.” (Love London)

“Anne-Marie Piazza wows for a second time this season as the indestructible Isabella Hands, an updated nod to the tradition of female pirates.” (Once A Week Theatre)

“The evening’s performances only build on the infrastructures created around them; Anne-Marie Piazza‘s Mrs Hawkins has the audience chuckling from the get go with her nuances, and her turn as the fiery Mexican pirate Isabelle Hands provides the evening’s much needed villainy.” (FullStopTheatre)

★★★ 1/2 “This high-energy adventure tale takes place in the picturesque grounds of The Actors’ Church in Covent Garden. With sea shanties, swigs of rum aplenty andeven a full-sized pirate ship, Treasure Island is a swashbuckling adventure that will ignite your inner buccaneer.” (the Reviews Hub)

★★★★ “Without going into too much detail – even if you know the story, there are surprises aplenty in this version – Iris Theatre have put together a really splendid production of one of the classics of children’s literature.” (LondonTheatre1)

★★★ “It’s fun though. Silly and summery, aimed at kids with a piratic streak in them, and it’s found a great location in St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden.” (Time Out)

“Pirate Israel Hands is now sweet singing Isabella who plays the mandolin Anne-Marie Piazza’s Mexican Isabella is more ruthless…this Treasure Island gave pleasure in plenty.” (British Theatre Guide)

“The older adventurers will love throwing themselves into this cleverly constructed piece of theatre. So dress up in your best pirate gear, get those sea-legs moving and remember to keep your eyes peeled for that buried treasure…” (Curious Mum)