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Much Ado About Nothing – Iris Theatre

The reviews are in and it seems we have a hit on our hands with FOUR Offie Nominations: Best Director for Amy Draper, Best Set Design for Amber Scarlett, Best Lighting Design for Benjamin Polyar and, I’m rather stunned to say, Best Female for myself.


★★★★”This must be the first time that an actor has doubled successfully as Beatrice and Verges. Anne-Marie Piazza is a spirited, passionate, cycling (the setting is 19th-century) Beatrice, and a comically eager-to-please Verges. She also has a soaring soprano voice that echoes around the church when, for the final scene of reconciliation, the action moves indoors.” (The Stage)

“Anne-Marie Piazza is a brilliant police officer alongside McDonald, climbing lampposts and stealing snacks from the crowd. Yet this isn’t her main achievement – her Beatrice is top notch. Funny, bike riding, accordion playing… is there nothing the woman cannot do?” (Once A Week Theatre)

★★★★★ “The cast was energetic, talented and hugely likeable, with outstanding on-stage chemistry that rendered it even greater than the sum of its (very formidable) parts. The individual performances were all very much to be commended, but it was the rapport between the players that really shone through Much Ado’s many double acts. Emma McDonald and Anne-Marie Piazza, who also ably played the romantic leads of the play, delighted the audience with partially-improvised buffoonery as officious bobbies Dogberry and Verges” (Theatre Bubble)

★★★★”It was a refreshing change to have close proximity with the cast, who were more than happy to chat with audience members during the performance… There was a tremendous atmosphere as the garden floodlights came on to lighten the gloom, and an eerie mist descended… Emma McDonald as Hero and Anne-Marie Piazza as Beatrice proved to be a really great combination, particularly when they doubled up as Constables Dogberry and Verges. (Everything Theatre)

“From the moment that Anne-Marie Piazza rides her bike through the audience as Beatrice dressed in bright red and yellow, decorated with bobbles, you know you are in for some fun…Amy Draper’s production is fast-paced without directorial gimmicks. It soon re-establishes audience contact after the brief hiatus each time it moves to a new location…Draper’s version is nicely streamlined and sticks to the most loved moments. Much Ado always was about fun and Draper ensures we get much of that. (What’s On Stage)

“An enchanting evening. With the chandelier in the trees and the party in the park, it truly feels magical, even with the raindrops…There are no small roles, only small actors. This is especially true because actors with leading roles take on smaller ones in this production. Anne-Marie Piazza goes from giving a fabulous portrayal of Beatrice to making everyone laugh as Verges, the silly and somewhat stupid policeman…Benedick and Beatrice’s chemistry, going from hatred to infatuation, steals the show.” (My Entertainment World)

“From the moment that Anne-Marie Piazza rides her bike through the audience as Beatrice dressed in bright red and yellow, decorated with bobbles, you know you are in for some fun….Emma McDonald, charming as Hero, makes a great hit as comic copper Dogberry and she becomes a double act with Anne-Marie Piazza’s Verges, the dullard opposite of her sharp-witted Beatrice.” (British Theatre Guide)

★★★★”Emma McDonald and Anne-Marie Piazza also played two delightful duos. In their smaller roles they reacted to anything that was thrown at them as “asses” Dogberry and Verges, playfully making their way through the audience. They then completely transformed to play their larger roles of Hero and Beatrice, and you could see the friendship and loyalty between the two ladies…Piazza is an absolute delight as Beatrice, opting to play her with energy and charm rather than sarcastic and straight-faced. Her wit is infectious, and she is a wonder to watch sparring with Benedick” (Cub Magazine)

★★★★ “A battle between equals and Anne-Maria Piazza as Beatrice and Nick Howard-Brown as Benedick do full justice to the protagonists in this …very well performed, version..terrific witty war of words between Piazza and Howard-Brown. (Reviews Gate)

“Nick-Howard-Brown and Anne-Marie Piazza as the battling comedic powerhouse of the play, Benedick and Beatrice. Lunging into the dialogue, these two twirl around each other making lightness shine through some otherwise reasonably sombre moments” (Bargain Theatre)

★★★★”The main comedy in this piece comes from Iris regulars Anne-Marie Piazza and Nick Howard-Brown as Beatrice and Benedick…these scenes are hilarious and both actors entertain with ease.  Piazza enjoys another comedy character as Verges alongside Emma McDonald as Dogberry. Playing up to the foolish, yet funny policeman double act, there are whistles blown, failed counting and some fantastic expressions. (West End Wilma)