Anne-Marie Piazza

Actor / Writer / Musician

Last of the These Trees Reviews

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★★★★★The superb effort of the cast in telling such a harrowing story was rewarded, on the night of our visit, by a standing ovation and quite a few damp eyes. Theatre doesn’t get much more immersive than that. (Londonist) 

At its best theatre has the potential to excite, shock, educate and provoke. “These trees are made of blood” does this in abundance. (

Four multi-instrumental actor-musicians play wonderfully throughout, sometimes becoming characters in the story – Rachel Dawson, Eilon Morris, Anne-Marie Piazza and Josh Sneesby sing with real heart and soul, balancing inhuman cruelty with humanity and compassion. (London Theatre1)

The brashness and charm offensive of the cabaret glitz, set against devastating scenes of corruption, violence and irredeemable loss touched a nerve…The hope and love shown by Ana and Gloria provided a more human narrative, cutting through the cabaret with more traditional-scripted scenes, which made for an unnerving, yet absolutely captivating portrait of the atrocities committed in Argentina. (Sounds and Colours)

★★★ Raw, intensely felt vocals from Josh Sneesby, Rachel Dawson, Eilon Morris and Anne-Marie Piazza provide a lush and sometimes painfully haunting backdrop to proceedings. (British Theatre)

★★★ The audience enjoyed an electrifying atmosphere created by superb storytellers Elion Morris, Rachel Dawson, Josh Sneeby and Anne-Marie Piazza as the exquisite band/ensemble who supported the action throughout the evening. (West End Frame)

★★★ Darren Clark’s compositions are boisterous and the band plays brilliantly, (Time Out) 

And a link to the interview our director Amy Draper did for Latin America Bureau

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