Anne-Marie Piazza

Actor / Writer / Musician

Reviews for These Trees Are Made of Blood

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★★★★★ “highly innovative piece of theatre..executed masterfully…this exceptional political satire will be difficult to forget. (The Upcoming)

★★★★ “a daring, innovative production…An outstanding people play exploring the human condition” (Everything Theatre)

★★★★ “it sets a new and impressive standard for the way political story-telling and theatre can be combined…The entire cast and musicians work really well as an ensemble”  (The Public Review)

★★★★1/2 “Do watch this brilliant and innovative piece of theatre – you will not regret it.. Piazza’s voice, allied with her ability to emote and to be in the present moment, brings tears to my eyes.” (Theatre Full Stop)

★★★ “The original music by Darren Clark, is appropriate and evocative…There is a feeling of excited anticipation as everyone waits to see the show.” (Remote Goat)

I have never before seen such a powerful piece of Political Theatre…I was completely mesmerized by Anne Marie Piazza‘s voice and musical capabilities. I finally understood the term “a voice like melting honey”. (Whazzup London)

“Darren Clark’s musical arrangement is outstanding throughout” (A Younger Theatre)

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