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Richard III Reviews

* * * * A special mention should also be made to Anne-Marie Piazza, whose fiery Lady Anne was a real surprise; not least of all because of her deft and believable handling of Anne’s notoriously tricky change of heart towards Richard. (Broadway Baby)

* * * * *As always with the Iris theatre Company, the acting throughout is excellent and the casting first class even though many of the actors have to play multiple roles… Anne Marie Piazza is an unusually feisty Lady Anne. (Remote Goat)

* * * A bold and bloody promenade production, this is Iris’ sixth year at the Covent Garden venue providing engaging and immersive theatre….there is welcome innocence amid the intrigue from Anne-Marie Piazza’s young Prince Edward. (The Stage)

* * * * Simply breathtaking… Poor Lady Anne Neville, whose righteous fury is soon fuddled by Richard’s cunning way with words, is played with fire by Anne-Marie Piazza, who also sings magnificently when the action moves inside the church (What’s On Stage)

Anne-Marie Piazza as both Prince Edwards was so innocent but also at one point, in the church itself, let us hear her extraordinary voice as she sang a Benedictine-style chant; close your eyes and it could have been a ten-year-old boy treble standing there.

When Richard woos Anne-Marie Piazza’s Lady Anne over her husband’s corpse, she captures the moment when her hatred falters and it seems briefly believable that she could fall for Richard’s peculiar ploy…. the text is clearly and well spoken and the audience were so held that this cast earned a standing ovation.. (British Theatre Guide)

There are only eight actors, six of whom have to double-up, triple-up, and perhaps more, and do so magnificently. One never feels the stage under-populated. ….wooing of the hapless Lady Anne – a touching performance by Anne-Marie Piazza – is conducted with just the right degree of menace and sexual innuendo. (Reviews Gate)

* * * *The actors deliver a strong performance as individuals, and as a cast they make a wonderful collective, swapping roles with ease. ….It is extremely challenging to pick a favourite part of this performance. Is it the haunting finale, with the voices of the female singers soaring high above the smoke and body of the deceased king?….This is a very good and extremely easy to follow production. I highly recommend seeing it (Everything Theatre)

* * * *“The cast as a whole is strong, with most of them taking on several roles, as well as singing during the scene changes…..Blood, drama and fantastic acting, Iris Theatre’s Richard III is one of the best productions of this play that you will ever see” (West End Wilma)

* * * *“ Iris Theatre’s new version, beautifully staged in the church and gardens of St Paul’s in Covent Garden is not one to miss. ” (The Public Reviews)

* * * *”Fizzing with intense energy, Baynes shines in the title role of Shakespeare’s Richard III ….The cast lead us from set to set, egging us on in character. Each set is more impressive than the one before. ….The throne stands, symbolically, before the altar. Piazza sings beautifully as everyone files in. ….. the period costumes and gender-bending roles keep with the Shakespearean spirit: Piazza plays the princes (as well as Lady Anne),
(Plays To See)

If the play becomes overblown, with Richard’s villainous plotting increasingly elaborate, then Winder embraces this well: there’s plenty of blood, an eye for the supernatural and a gruesome final tableaux that’s simply spectacular….The small cast of eight works incredibly hard.
(The London Magazine)

The production is polished, the company is strong, and the location is perfectly suited…The genuine camaraderie in the company shows in their refined production. (Shakespeare Magazine)