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A Violent Method

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This week I have been back working with Iris Theatre Company, back after several years away. The last time I worked with them was on Ted Hughes’ adaptation of “Alcestis” for The Actor’s Church in Covent Garden (November 2009). Ahead of their summer season, which will include “Julius Caesar”, the artistic director Dan Winder wanted to play with and explore how to depict violence on stage. We all know about stage combat and film stunts but he wanted to explore the physical language of violence and what techniques we could employ as actors to subvert conventions and push images to the extreme. There are several videos of our work on their Vimeo Page but here is a taster of the work we produced working with movement director Stephanie Bradbury and fight choreographer Roger Bartlett.

A Violent Method – Short Matrix Sequence (The Company) from Iris Theatre on Vimeo.

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  1. You are totally gorgeous and fabulous!

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