Anne-Marie Piazza

Trained at The Bristol Old Theatre School

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New Showreels

For 2018 I’ve updated my showreels and have two to share with you here:

The acting showreel includes clips from “Strings & Mortar” directed by Jonathan Bowers, “Pond Life” directed by Alex Kirby & “Tomorrow” directed by Deborah Paige.

The musicians showreel includes:

Accordion: “Keep the Home Fires Burning” from “Oh What a Lovely War”
Cello: “Man of Constant Sorrow” version adapted from “O Brother Where Art Thou”
Cello: “My Little Bird” from “These Trees Are Made of Blood” music and lyrics by Darren Clark
Double Bass: “All About the Bass” Postmodern Jukebox’s version of Meghan Trainor’s song
Ukulele: “Les Feuilles Morts” by Yves Montard
Guitar: “There is Power in a Union” by Billy Bragg
Singing: “My Wicker Man” from “The Wicker Husband” lyrics, music and accompaniment by Darren Clark



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Offies 2017

Last year the team behind “Treasure Island”, Iris Theatre’s summer children’s show of 2016, were overjoyed to win the Off West End Award for Best Production for Young People 8+.  Here are the award ceremony pictures!



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Beam 2018

This year Beam took place at the Stratford East Theatre March 1st-2nd and was a showcase of some of the most talented new musical writers, composers, directors and performers. It was a joy and a privilege to take part in it and I was so fortunate to see some incredible new work and new talent.

Rebecca Applin and Pete Ashmore wrote “On This Day”, a piece about the relentless attack of the 24-hour news cycle and it was written to examine innovative ways of utilising actor-musicians. Adam Lenson directed a cast of 4 actor musicians which include Pete, Joey Hickman, Josie Dunn and myself.  Feedback was very positive and the hope now is that it will find a collaborator to give if some weeks R&D exploration before a full run in the future.




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Earphones Award February 2018

Very excited to announce I have won a Golden Earphones Award from AudioFile for my narration on “Death Below Stairs” by Jennifer Ashley.  Here’s the review:


An excellent story combines with an excellent narration. Anne-Marie Piazza’s proper English accent is perfect for this murder mystery set in Victorian London. Shortly after Kat Holloway is hired as a cook at a Mayfair mansion, her assistant is found bludgeoned to death in the larder. As the murder investigation unfolds into a scheme to assassinate the queen, Piazza perfectly voices the various classes and accents of the characters who range from servants to aristocrats. Piazza deftly delivers the voice of Daniel McAdam, a mysterious man who can move among servants as well as gentry. Piazza effectively captures all the suspense and drama as Kat and Daniel risk their lives to save England from disaster. Listeners will be delighted with this series debut.

M.M.G. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine


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Golden Hearts

Bhuchar Boulevard in association with East London Genes & Health presents


I had the privileged to add my voice to this wonderful rehearsed reading performed at Rich Mix Friday 27th January. Read more below:


A poignant look at the inheritance of loss in Asian families


Raj Rani’s heart is failing
Lila sings at the bedside to soothe Edna’s troubles
A girl is looking for her father’s hug
Shiv has been given a second chance and an “upgrade”

Through an autobiographical lens, Sudha Bhuchar shares fractured fragments and verbatim material underscored with iconic songs. As ‘Artist in Residence’ at East London Genes & Health (ELGH), Sudha Bhuchar is crafting Golden Hearts as a creative response; sharing her family’s personal experience of the legacy of heart disease which is mirrored in the communities in East London. The piece has been inspired by shared stories and song gathered through research and engagement work in the Asian Community, through ELGH’s volunteer programme and cardiology patients at St George’s hospital Tooting, where a scratch of Golden Hearts was first performed.


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Songs from “The Wicker Husband”

30th October  2016 I performed at a @Cue_Theatre scratch night of new musicals and introduced a brand new song from forthcoming musical “The Wicker Husband.” The song is called “Have You Seen My Husband” and composer Darren Clark and I had only spent a short while on it before bringing it before this audience. Hence the ipad in hand.. with the lyrics.

We also performed my old favourite “My Wicker Man”

Tuesday 7th February we will be spending a whole day working on the musical (in a lab as part of their mentor ship by Stiles and Drewe) so no doubt I’ll have some updates for you then… in the meantime enjoy these songs

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Macbeth Review

As Amy Draper’s “Macbeth” for the Southwark Playhouse was aimed at and nearly had predominately as its audience, school children, there were very few reviews. In fact only the one from Flossie Waite for Children’s Reviews.

“At first, it’s intimate enough to feel like a living room, telling this story of kings from within the castle walls. But the room seems to change shape – whispering voices echo from its corners, bulbs pulse, and the supernatural takes over, casting the feel of a séance. Eventually, it becomes the claustrophobic confines of a tortured mind as the Macbeths gradually unravel: we can see the whites of Lady Macbeth’s wild eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 19.40.54

The three performers – Anne-Marie Piazza, Martin Donaghy and Stanton Plummer-Cambridge – flit between characters, and you need a good grip of the story to keep up the pace (if you’re studying it, this is probably easy: the lad next to me was thrilled to recite the lines along with the performers). Piazza is standout as Lady Macbeth, disintegrating before us in the sleepwalking scene.

Though this whistle-stop tour takes in the gruesome highlights, we never see any blood – this is primarily a psychological thriller. Still, it feels violent – death is represented with white feathers, and the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff is a thrilling, charged flurry of plumes.

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